The Great American Bison

The Great American Bison


Even if a bison is covered with ice and snow, it is still warm. Bison wool is insulating, lightweight, wicking, durable, soft and comfortable. From high end fashion accessories to functional outdoor apparel, American Bison wool is versatile and benefits many lifestyles.  


No matter the temperature or conditions, bison naturally possess the perfect coat to keep them comfortable. In the winter, they grow a fine, soft undercoat that keeps them insulated in extreme conditions. This down is so insulating, it only takes up to 8oz of this fiber to keep bison comfortable in below -60 F temperatures. Its natural texture creates air pockets and traps dead air, creating a fantastic buffer against cold. In the spring, bison shed this undercoat allowing them to easily manage warmer temperatures.

Moisture Wicking

Bison down can absorb over 35% of their dry weight before feeling wet, outperforming synthetics which feel wet after absorbing less than 7%. Since bison manages moisture so efficiently, odor-causing bacteria do not have the moist environment they need to thrive.

Easy Care

Just toss your American bison apparel and accessories in the washing machine. You can even toss them in the dryer. Bison down is a solid protein, so they will not shrink.

All the benefits of wool that you have grown to love, but better!

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