Classic and timeless apparel, accessories, and tools you can count on.




The Italian Tuscan district of Santa Croce sull´Arno is where Tuscany Leather's creations come to life, step by step, from the selection of materials to the fine finishing details. Travel bags, backpacks, laptop bags, and more....


Scottish Borders Felted Wool Cardigan


Herringbone Cord Sterling Silver Bracelet


Swiss Golf Tool


Dublin Dusk Luxury Beeswax Candle


The American Plains Bison

Bison wool is insulating, lightweight, wicking, durable and comfortable. From high end fashion accessories to functional outdoor apparel and accessories, American Bison wool is versatile and benefits many lifestyles.

English Midlands Classic Sweater

The soft wool is from welsh mountain sheep, and natural colors are achieved from the fleece itself, not from dyes. The result is the perfect outdoor sweater, that is soft enough to wear inside.

Victorinox Swiss Craftsmanship

Since 1884 their creations have reached every continent, and excellence is unmatched. Made in Switzerland, all products meet the highest standards and quality is never compromised.

Italian Extra Fine Merino Wool Crew

Made in Italy of extra fine, light weight merino wool, this crew sweater suits any man's wardrobe, and the quality ensures that it will last.  

Irish Heritage Lambswool Scarves

Super soft texture with loft so that it lays on your chest lightly while providing warmth. The classic sport stripes, plaids and herringbone patterns accent your everyday wardrobe.

Devon Aviator Jacket

Crafted in Somerset, England, this traditional sheepskin aviator jacket's design nods cleverly to classic styles, but uses a modern fit and flexible tactile Hurricane Sheepskin for a super comfy and practical everyday wear.