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Welcome to Verte Luxe, an Eco-Luxury Lifestyle Platform, and our cherished corporate partner. With their five pillars of Beauty, Fashion, Home, Wedding and Life, Verte Luxe strives to bring you the best products, resources and information for living your very best life. Explore their eco-friendly, natural hair, skin, and makeup alternatives for an eco-sustainable lifestyle. New products are added to our curated shop daily.

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Jewelry, active wear, swim, etc. Products that help you look your best and make you feel empowered.


Pillows, throws, tableware, etc. Home essentials chosen for their sustainability, quality, and global, chic point of view.


Yoga essentials, glass water bottles, etc. Safe and luxurious alternatives to complement your active life.

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Gardenia Beauté Marbré Beeswax Candle 32 oz. - L'Atelier Global

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