Brasilia Infinite Love Charm Necklace

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SKU: 102031


Handcrafted in Brazil, a pendant necklace is adorned with a flowing infinity symbol, heart and star signifying eternal love.  The front clasp holds the charm so no need clasp the necklace behind your neck.

The vibrant and lustrous color is attributed to the artisan's signature gold overlay process using a lightweight brass base.  24k gold is first applied to the brass, then a thick layer of 18k gold, then lastly 22k Gold.  The result is jewelry that is rated as 18k- 24k gold, is hypoallergenic, water resistant and nickel free.  Available in 16" or 20" length chains.

  • 18K gold, 22k gold, 24k gold, brass
  • Pendant is 3/4" 
  • 16" chain length, 20" chain length
  • Water Resistant
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • Nickel free
  • Made in Brazil
  • Ships from the USA

Why do we love this necklace?

A fun and contemporary necklace with so much intricate detail in such a small piece.  Part of a statement collection crafted by hand in Brazil by a multi-generational Italian family.  They developed their own gold overlay process. and the look is intricate, lustrous and contemporary.  

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