Aquamarine Spanish Bloom Earrings

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$149.00 USD
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Handcrafted in Spain of 24K gold plated sterling silver, long aquamarine branch-shaped leaves with hand-carved gold leaves are decorated with chalcedony semi-precious stones that light up the earrings. Intricate and unique in detail and perfect for all occasions.  

  • 24K Gold Plating, Sterling Silver, Aquamarine Chalcedony
  • 2 3/4" Length, 1 1/4" Width at the widest point
  • 7g weight 
  • Post Earring
  • Hypoallergenic - Free of Nickel, Cadmium and Tin
  • Sustainably & Ethically Made
  • Spanish Patents and Trademark Office Registration
  • Handcrafted in Spain
  • Ships from the USA

Why do we love these earrings?

Absolutely stunning, and the perfect Spring floral earring. The handcrafted details are spectacular and perfect for all occasions.

Metal Cleaning & Care

Protect your jewelry and preserve its plating by removing it before encountering any form of water/sweat or applying any products such as perfumes, lotions or hair products. To prolong its life, store it in a dry, cool place, ideally where there's no humidity.  


What is Chalcedony?

Chalcedony is a cryptocrystalline variety of quartz  of volcanic origin, with multiple varieties and colors. In ancient times it represented the elements air and water and is the stone of generosity.  It has deposits all over the planet with concentration in Brazil, India; and in Spain, in Galicia and Aragon. 


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