Signature Rose Blanc Soy Candle

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Crafted in Charleston, South Carolina, artisans create custom blended fragrances  to match your favorite wine.  In honor of hot summer afternoons and the light taste of Rose', this soy candle evokes bright aromas of lush red fruit balanced by a sophisticated floral undertone. Notes of rose petal, white peach, pink peppercorn, and crisp mineralogy complete this balanced scent.

The smell is incredible, the burn time is 80+ hours, and they use repurposed wine bottles to create the glass.  

  • All natural soy wax
  • 11 oz
  • 80+ hours of burn time
  • Crafted with repurposed wine bottles
  • Handcrafted in Charleston, SC

Why we love this product? 

When the candles arrived, the smell emanating from the boxes filled the room.  The love and care placed into the creation of this candle is amazing.  We were impressed, and you will be as well.