Swiss Alox Pocket Knife

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SKU: 100690

Expertly crafted in Switzerland of Anodized and high-grade aluminum, and embossed and wrapped in a corrosive-resistant material, this pocket knife was created for hard-work, and to retain its slick appearance. Designed with 10 key functions, it is as challenge-ready as it is compact.  Features a spanning wood saw, screwdriver, reamer, punch and bottle opener, and much more.
  • .7" H x 3.7" L 
  • 3.8 oz
  • Wood and aluminum handle
  • 100% stainless steel components
  • Made in Switzerland
  • Ships from the USA


  • large blade
  • reamer, punch
  • wood saw
  • can opener
  • screwdriver 3 mm
  • bottle opener
  • screwdriver 7.5 mm
  • wire stripper
  • scissors
  • key ring


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