Natural Cotton Baby Blanket in Blue

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Color: Blue

Made of the highest quality natural cotton wool, this basketweave blanket is light in weight, cozy and warm.  Perfect for your little one's first blanket to the hospital, for a walk or to cuddle while taking a nap.  Ideal for a baby shower gift.

  • 100 % Cotton
  • 27 1/2" x  39 1/2"
  • OEKO-TEX certified
  • Machine
  • Made in Poland
  • Ships from the USA

Why do we love this swaddle?

Such beautiful, soft fabric.  Makes the perfect everyday blanket, and a wonderful baby gift.

Care Instructions

- machine washable

- dry flat

- do not bleach

- do not tumble dry

Introducing Effiki of Poland

Effiki brand was born in 2009, out of a mother's dream to offer her first child products made of natural, high-quality fabrics in cozy and soft pastel colors.  A baby has very sensitive senses from the very first minutes of life, and she wanted her baby's world to be toned down, safe and comfortable.  Quality fabrics, timeless design, comfortable, and can be passed on to others and used for years.