L’Atelier Global, "the global workshop"

We embrace global trends, sourcing timeless and elevated essentials, unique gifts, and exquisite "must-haves". Handcrafted and artisan-made, our products are built to last and to be loved. Always striving for quality, uniqueness, luxury, sustainability and exceptional customer service, we evolve with fashion, but never forget tradition. 





We see classic as always on trend and contemporary as a refreshing point of view. Forward thinking and always exploring, we believe that beautiful product comes in any price-point and beautiful design is ageless. We love shopping the world to bring you the latest trend and timeless luxury. 





We truly believe that age has no limit in fashion, and we were built on one premise, shop the world for beauty, uniqueness, sustainability and high quality.  As far as style, we embrace sophistication, elegance, classic, contemporary, modern, edgy, urban, country, trendy, and vintage.  We love it all!






Our global partners are chosen for their unique elevated style, fine quality, and absolute love for their craft. We work directly with designers in the United States and all over the world, and are continually inspired by their entrepreneurism, innovation, and true love for the culture that inspires their designs. We support our partner's efforts and passion, and are honored to bring their beautiful creations to market.


Elevate Your Style: Discover Global Fashion Trends at L'Atelier Global. We truly believe that age has no limit in fashion and beauty. We were built on one premise: shop the world for uniqueness, high quality, effortless style and timeless luxury. Handcrafted and artisan-made, our designers create masterpieces using a blend of modern and old world craftsmanship. Honoring century old traditions, they use their hands to weave, cut and mold designs into timeless treasures. Our collections are created for women and men who expect high quality at all price-points, natural materials, ageless design and sustainable practices. Our brand offers a wide range of products from apparel to accessories, jewelry, factory-direct Italian leather bags and wallets, swimsuit cover ups, upscale home scents such as candles, diffusers and room spray, luxury blankets and throws, outdoor tools, bison wool accessories and more – all reflecting a high level of quality. L'Atelier Global is distributed in the USA via direct channels and social media. We plan on expanding internationally and launching a direct mail catalog. E-Gift cards are available.