Day to Night Dazzle | L'Atelier Global

Day to Night Dazzle

We all deserve some sparkle and dazzle on our wrists, and these bracelets do not disappoint. Available in Silver, Gold & Rose Gold.

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Festive Sangria | L'Atelier Global

Festive Sangria

Notes of ripe mandarin orange, juicy pineapple, pomegranate, and a dash of cinnamon. The smell is incredible, and repurposed wine bottles are used ...

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The Little Red Bag | L'Atelier Global

The Little Red Bag

We are in love with the color RED. Confident, strong, bold, and accentuates vibrant and neutral colors beautifully. Shop our collection of Italian ...

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Tuscany Leather Firenze | L'Atelier Global

Tuscany Leather Firenze

Hair up, classic shirt, an Italian bag that moves with you, and a purpose in your step. At L'Atelier Global we believe in product that makes a stat...

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