The Art of Luxury Home Fragrances

In the heart of Florence, a few steps by Piazza della Signoria, in Via Porta Rossa, sits Teatro Fragranze Uniche, a beloved Florentine brand that is committed to the art of perfumery. Teatro collaborates with select perfumers, designers, and Florentine artisans to create refined and intricate olfactory experiences. The result is a range of extraordinary premium candles, reed diffusers and room spray that blend Florentine tradition and contemporary luxury.  

Teatro Fragranze Uniche's popularity is a nod to Italian's love of perfumery. Italians embrace the art of using home scents to create their desired mood or feeling. It is a true art form, and we are here to explain how to turn your own home into a calming and welcoming space.


Candles, Diffusers & Spray

To effectively add fragrance throughout your home, candles, diffusers and spray each have a purpose. Room spray is formulated to help disperse the fragrance quickly and more effectively, while a reed diffuser and candle help to consistently distribute fragrance into a space.

All three can be used in unison to disperse your signature scent throughout your home.  


A low maintenance, safe, and consistent way to disperse fragrance into a space. Reed diffusers are more effective in smaller spaces that allow the fragrance to permeate, such as entryways, bathrooms, hallways, bedrooms and offices.

When placed in a standard-sized room, 3-5 reed sticks effectively disperse the fragrance. For larger-sized rooms, 4-7 sticks may be needed. When first using your diffuser, dip all reed sticks in the diffuser to absorb the oil. Once absorbed, flip the reeds over to allow the fragrance to filter. After a period of use, flip a few sticks or all to further increase the intensity of scent. Care should be used in keeping the diffuser away from heaters, windows, and anything that will cause the oil to dissipate faster.

Premium oils greatly enhance the effectiveness of the fragrance. The aromas can be as intricate as luxury perfume.


Nothing quickly sets a room's ambience like a well-placed candle. A candle is unique in how it disperses fragrance while creating a mood.

Candles vary in size and quality, variables that directly affect its "throw". A candles throw is a measure of how its scent travels through the air to fill a space. The higher the quality of oil and wax, and candle placement and size, all control a candle's throw.

  • Premium scented candles are made with richer, natural oils that are emitted slowly over a period of time. Not only is the fragrance more intricate or intense, it is also permeates the room more evenly.
  • Quality wax such as soy and better beeswax burns slowly and more evenly.  
  • Candles with more than one wick throw farther than single-wick candles, as does those with wider vessels. The larger the size and more wicks, the larger their wax pool, the pool of melted wax that develops on the top of a burning candle. A larger pool will give you a wider throw.
  • Air flow and size of a room will have a big effect on how far a candle’s smell is allowed to travel. A confined place will better hold the aroma, and the larger the space with more airflow may require more than one candle or a larger candle.


One of the easiest ways to quickly elevate a space or improve its smell is by spraying fragrance. Used in concert with candles and reed diffusers, spray quickly covers areas that the other methods do not reach.

The use of room spray has grown in popularity and even luxury fragrance houses have created sprays that match the smell of their popular candles and perfumes, as well as creating specific fragrances formulated for the home.

Top Notes, Middle Notes & Base Notes

Much like the intricate creation of fine wine, there are three note scales that when blended create the fragrance we smell in candles, diffusers and spray.


Sometimes referred to as the opening notes or head notes. The top notes of a fragrance represents our first impression. Top notes are chosen to lure you in, and smoothly lead you into the heart of the fragrance.


As the top notes evaporate, the middle notes, or the heart notes, start to appear. They have a longer lasting scent than top notes and are chosen to elegantly introduce the base notes. A fragrances heart is pleasant and well-rounded leaving you wanting more.


The base notes are the final fragrance that fills your senses. They blend with the heart notes and create the full body of the fragrance. Very similar to a fine wine, the base notes leave you with the lasting impression.

Each of these notes experienced solo are not appealing to our senses. The combination of the top, middle and base notes create the beautiful fragrance that we smell.

This is the magical and complex artistry of fragrance creation. Next time you smell your signature fragrance, take time to explore these notes and again fall in love with your scent.


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