Baby Shower Gifts Everyone Will Love

No matter our age, an invitation to a baby shower is such a joyous and welcoming event. Seriously, how much fun is shopping for a new born baby? Whether the parent-to-be is your friend, family member, neighbor or colleague, we are here to help you find the perfect baby shower gift that will make all shower guests ooh and aah. And we all know that these two sounds are the true signs of baby shower success. We are thrilled to Introduce, Effiki of Poland. A collection of baby and toddler essentials that everyone will love.

Effiki of Poland

Effiki's baby world is filled with high-quality fabrics in whimsical designs and soft, serene hues.

Joyful Ballerina Bamboo Swaddle
Up Up and Away Swaddle

When A Dream Arises, Creative Is Born

When Effiki's founder was pregnant with her first child, she dreamt about surrounding her baby in a soft and serene world of quality textiles and pastel colors. As she shopped the market, she could not find blankets, bedding and toys in soft colors anywhere. The Polish market of textiles for babies was dominated by intensely dyed fabrics of low quality and random patterns. Just not what she wanted her baby's world to be touched by in her first few months as a newborn.

Due to her wish for her baby to be surrounded by soft pastels, and natural, high quality fabrics, she started buying textiles and creating her own baby's blankets and bedding. Then after being asked by friends and family to make product for their babies, she decided to start her own company, Effiki of Poland, and share her designs.

As her children grew, she continued creating products that met their everyday needs. The result is a wide range of timeless, whimsical bedding, blankets, accessories and toys that is such high quality it can be passed on to others. At the center of these collections is Effik, the lovable rabbit, with the precious and gentle face that was created to help her children sleep - a true cuddle buddy.

Baby Nest in Pink
Great Day For A Ride Blanket

Collection Built To Keep Your Baby Safe & Cozy

With Effik at the center of Effiki's world, the entire collection is built to mix and match and is available in three color stories: blue, pink and contemporary grey. You may have a difficult time choosing as the colors are so soft, and can work for all genders.

The baby nest is a wonderful creation as it is mobile bedding for a baby. It keeps a baby in a safe and softly confined space allowing the parent to closely watch their infant the first few months after birth. The Baby Wraps serve the same purpose as it gently hugs a newborn while keeping it warm, safe, and touching something very soft.

Bamboo swaddles and reversible blankets coordinate and are available in various prints with Effik as the star. A ballerina, a racer, a golfer, a balloon ride, etc, each print has its own personality. Organic cotton solid color blankets, and wool/fleece are also available for layering.

Effiki the Pink Bunny with Gray Ears

Effik The Lovable Bunny

Each stuffed animal is made with their own personalties, and Effiki designed their main character to be a child's best friend. Effik the Bunny has an expression that is soft, peaceful and naturally accepting. Curious brows, long oval eyes, a simple nose and long ears that allow a baby to hold onto them and explore.

Available in different sized plush, generously sized doudos as well baby rattles and lavender sleepyheads. We love the lavender sleepyhead as a lavender-scented heart can be placed inside Effik to help a newborn sleep. From newborn to toddler, Effik is designed to be a baby's best friend through all stages of a child's development.

Effik DouDou im Pink
Baby Wrap in Grey

Effiki's Mission To Help Communities

Effiki is committed to supporting their local community. Many children in Poland suffer from incurable diseases, and thousands of them stay in hospices. Effiki has paired up with the Hospice Formula Dobra in Wrocław, Poland and gives 3% of their sales to support the hospice and the children in their care.

Lavender Sleepyheads

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