Baltic Honey Amber Medallion Adjustable Ring

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SKU: 100345

$69.95 $98

Genuine Baltic honey amber and sterling silver blend to create a contemporary adjustable medallion ring.  The medallion is elongated with a slight curve that highlights the amber stone.

Originating from the sap of prehistoric pine trees in the Baltic Sea region in Northern Europe, Baltic amber varies in color and consistency.  This variation ensures that your jewelry will be unique.

  • 1 1/4" Length x 3/4" Width
  • .925 Silver, Genuine Gem-Quality Baltic Amber
  • Made in Poland
  • Ships from the USA

Matching necklace 100342 and earring 100345 old separately. 

Why we love this product? 

When holding this ring, you immediately notice the quality of the materials, the modern medallion design, and the amber stone set perfectly into the sterling silver.  Amber is beautiful and light allowing you to wear these unique creations without worrying about weight.  



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