Lily of The Valley Serbian Fingerless Gloves in Blue

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SKU: 100478


Made of extra fine merino wool, these long gloves celebrate the beautiful gardens of Serbia, and its national flower, the Lily of The Valley.  The long length provides extra warmth as your wrists are generously covered, and the freedom for your fingers is a welcomed change versus traditional gloves.  The deep blue color adds a hint of elegance and luxury to your everyday wardrobe combinations.  Denim friendly!  Pair with the matching scarf and hat.  

  • 13 1/2" length
  • 100% Extra Fine Merino Wool
  • Made in Serbia
  • Ships from the USA

Why we love this product? 

A glove style that is very popular in Europe and South America, it provides such elegant style to your cold weather fashion.  Luxe in look and feel, it is an instant fashion and confidence boost, and will remain a go-to wardrobe piece for years.

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