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A woman is wearing an Italian made amethsyt adjustable ring, bracelet and necklace
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Italy's love for jewelry is rich in a cultural history filled with centuries of jewelry crafting technique and intricate, artful design. The Etruscans, the Roman Empire, the Middle Ages, and the Renaissance Period, etc. are all catalysts for the impeccable standards and crafting techniques of Italian jewelry designers. The result is a long history of skilled artisans that have literally defined modern fashion, timeless elegance and contemporary style. The artists have remained true to their culture, respecting the mastery of their craft and its origin, and truly loving what they do. When you hold a piece of Italian jewelry, you will know its Italian.

"Jewelry has the power to change our style instantly, and we are allowed to change our style as often as we like." - L'Atelier Global

Italian Enamel Gold Jewelry

Enameling is a work of craftsmanship that transforms jewelry into something unique and beautiful. Our Italian enamel jewelry collection features intricate, hand-painted designs in vibrant and elegant colors. The enameling technique allows the coating to remain thick, giving it durability, color consistency, and an elegant finish. While enameling is a process used by many cultures, Italian jewelry enamels are in a class of their own.

Medallion Gold Enamel Stud Earrings
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Italian Gold Designer Jewelry

Gold is historically the most highly used metal in Italian jewelry. Like many global cultures, gold was a symbol of wealth, and an earth metal the same color of the ancient revered sun. Today's crafting technique is a blend of traditional and contemporary methods that have only elevated the art form. Italian gold jewelry has a vibrancy that is unmatched and designs that range from bold to delicate elegance.

Eternal Link Gold Bracelet - L
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Italian Sterling Silver Jewelry

Many Italian jewelry designers choose to craft exclusively with the highest quality sterling silver. From oversized and trendy sterling silver with diamonds or semi-precious gemstones to classic designs, Italian sterling silver jewelry can fit into your daily lifestyle. We love the whimsical spirit that is part of Italian design. Bold, playful, intricate and truly Italian.

Prato Pavé Heart to Heart Ring - L
Image owner Idalia Jewelry

Ingenious Jewelry Design

A wonderful aspect of Italian jewelry design is the continual creation of new designs. Rings that stack to create a gorgeous wave design, earrings that can be worn as a dangle or beautifully frame the earlobe, bracelets that are perfectly balanced and have that luxurious feel on your wrist, and a lariat necklace with delicate gold and enamel flowers. Italian jewelry design is unexpected and timeless.

Lucca Eternity Climber Earrings
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Italian Jewelry Craftsmanship & Sustainability

Quality, uniqueness and craftsmanship are at the core of our designs and jewelry creation. Each small, intricate detail on your jewelry is truly created by hand. From start to the final finishing details, the artisans love their craft and strive to provide you with a piece of Italian artwork that you will treasure.

Using traditional crafting methods blended with modern practices, each piece is crafted in the most sustainable and authentic way, keeping the environment, artisans and working conditions in mind. Our jewelry is crafted in small quantities, while reducing waste.

Italian Jewelry at L
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Explore Our Italian Jewelry Collection

Once you own a piece of Italian jewelry, it will become a core and treasured part of your jewelry collection. The designs are created for day to night wear, and meet all of your classic to contemporary styling needs. Blue jeans to dress pants to shorts to dresses, there is always a reason to wear jewelry that you love. No matter the price-point, the craftsmanship is exquisite and design flawless. To explore our full Italian jewelry collection, click the link below.


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