L’Atelier Global, "the global workshop", is the global market place for beautiful, unique, and high quality jewelry, fashion, accessories, home, bath and body, and more.

We embrace international trends, sourcing timeless upscale essentials, unique gifts, and exquisite "must-haves". Our products are built to last, and to be loved.





We see classic as always on trend, and contemporary as a chic, refreshing point of view. We understand that people are not one-note, and can shift their style whenever they choose.

We believe that each of us has the freedom to wear what we want at any stage of our beautiful lives.

Most importantly, we believe that beautiful product can come in any price-point, and beautiful design is ageless.


Our global partners are chosen for their unique style, fine quality, and absolute love for their craft. We work directly with designers all over the world, and are continually inspired by their entrepreneurism, innovation, and true love for the culture that inspires their designs.

We support their efforts and passion, and are honored to bring their beautiful creations to market.