Broken Twill Weave Cuff Silver Bangle

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SKU: 100560


A herringbone pattern, also called broken twill weave, is woven in rhodium-plated sterling silver.   The refined pattern sweeps around the entire cuff.  Solid in structure, the bangle has a nice weight, and balances well on the wrist.

  • 6.9″ length x .45" width, 1 1/4" opening
  • Measures standard wrist size of 7.5"
  • 925 sterling silver, rhodium
  • Made in Ireland
  • Ships from the USA

Why we love this product?

The rhodium plating on the sterling silver increases the bracelets shine, luster and durability, and it is more resistant to scratches and tarnishing. The weight is balanced on the wrist, and it just feels special.  

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