Microfiber Spa Day Luxe Set - Headband, Twist Towel, Super Scrunchie

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$58.00 USD
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Color: Purple

Enjoy your "me-time" with our luxurious soft and plush microfiber spa headband, super scrunchie and twist towel.  The headband softly frames the face while firmly holding back all hair types, the super scrunchie holds your pony tail or bun without stressing hair, and the twist towel securely holds wet and dry hair in place.  The microfiber is washable ensuring that you can wear and wash as needed.   Available in purple and white. Sold as a set.

  • 100% Plush Microfiber
  • Designed in the USA
  • Made in China
  • Ships from the USA 

Why do we love this "me-time" set?

We just love how these accessories are generous in size, soft and hold our hair back so we can focus on our bath time. These plush accessories help to complete our beauty routine efficiently while being as gentle to our hair and skin as possible.