Nawi Alpaca Hat

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SKU: 100895

Color: Blue

Made by women artisans in the Andean region of Peru.  This alpaca blend, hand-blocked blue felt hat features a wide brim, Spanish styling, and a removable woven intention band that represents for protection and good luck for Quechuan culture.

The hat is made with natural fibers that are very soft to the touch.

  • Materials: Blend of Alpaca Wool, Sheep Wool, Felt, Interior band is made from a cotton and polyester blend
  • .4 lbs
  • Dry Clean Only
  • Made in Peru
  • Ships from Venice Beach, California

Hat Care

Brush off dust and lint with a soft brush, and use a damp cloth to spot clean. Gently steam hat brim with an iron or steamer to re-store shape.

Always place a towel between hat and iron when steaming/ironing.

Dry clean only.

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