Santa Cruz Coral Adjustable Ring

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SKU: 103431


Add some color to your signature style with this flattering and easy to wear adjustable ring. Inspired by the bohemian jewelry of the 70's, this vibrant ring instills vintage flair with a contemporary twist.

Handcrafted in Santa Cruz De TenerifeSpain, of 18K gold plated sterling silver and a vibrant, large coral stone.  Wear it by itself or stack with other rings.

Coming from the ocean, coral brings very positive vibrations. It is believed to help clarifying internal conflicts and to support during change and transformation periods. 

  • Coral, 18K Gold, Sterling Silver
  • .39" DIameter
  • Adjustable
  • Handcrafted in Spain
  • Ships from the USA

Also available in TurquoiseLapislazuli, and Green Onyx.

Why do we love this ring?  

Contemporary, elegantly bold and simple.  We just love bold rings that we can easily take on and off and can fit any finger.  

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