Somerset Three Quarter Coat

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SKU: 101034

Color: Black


Crafted in Somerset, England, this three color multi-textured lambskin coat is trimmed with Toscana on the collar and cuffs.  A-line styling and three quarter length make it an elegant coat for all occasions.  Zippered closure with a button at the collar to finish the look.  A timeless, contemporary style with a comfortable fit.

  • 100% Lambskin
  • Size Medium is 37 1/2" in length center back
  • Professional Cleaning or Self Clean
  • Made in England
  • Ships from England


This jacket is usually made to order with a two to three weeks lead time.  If stock is available it will ship sooner.  Please contact us with any questions.


Toscana lambskins are a tribute to both Mother Nature and the skill of the worlds leading tannery technicians.

With stunning ironed and polished wool, and super silky suede, these skins offer the ultimate in luxurious warmth and style.

Very often Toscana's have a tipped wool which makes them look like the finest furs.

Product Care

Pease keep your lambskin item in a clean dry dark place, preferably in a sealed dust bag, poly bag or garment cover. Unfortunately, moth can get into sheepskin especially if it is stored for long periods with other fabrics that attract moth. Similarly if boxed in a garage for any length of time, rodents will attack it for bedding. 

Do not store under either natural or fluorescent light, both will fade the exposed areas quite quickly.

Rain Spotting and Rain in General
Always let the product dry naturally, in an airy warm environment.

Red wine, fruit squashes etc – all of these types of stains will benefit from spot washing ASAP. Use a tepid mild soap or color-free gentle shampoo solution, spot wash and spot rinse with clear water. DO NOT IMMERSE!

Don't focus on just the stain in a small area, it is better to work on a larger area, concentration in one place could have the effect of bleaching color as you remove the stain.

Grease, oil & ink-based stains are NOT good, if you get any of these onto your product, it’s best that you contact us directly.

Curly Side - Wool side, all the above suede treatments can apply to the wool side, but vacuuming, shake and spot wash the curly side

Professional Cleaning - if none of the above has produced the result you want, then you could consider specialist cleaning; however, sheepskin & leather does not benefit from dry cleaning.

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