Louisa Gold Pebble Pendant Cork Necklace

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This pendant is hand-cast from a tumbled beach stone, providing an organic, minimalistic design that celebrates the beauty of nature and natural stone artistry. Handcrafted in Virginia, USA of 14K gold plated brass and a refined natural black leather cord. 

Please note this piece is hand cast using a natural stone, therefore slight variations may occur due to the casting process.

  • 14K Gold, Brass, Black Leather cord, 14K Gold filled clasp and extens
  • Chain is 16” L with 2” extension
  • Pendant is 1” L x  5/8” W 
  • Handcrafted in Virginia, USA

What is hand casting?

Handcrafted casting, also known as artisanal casting involves the meticulous creation of an original piece or an existing object, and then using this original as a model to produce cast replicas. Here's how handcrafted casting typically works:

Mold Making: A mold is created around the original object. The mold material is usually a flexible and moldable substance like silicone rubber or latex. The mold captures the intricate details and unique characteristics of the original object.

Casting Replicas: Once the mold is prepared, it is used to produce multiple replicas of the handcrafted original. A casting material, such as resin, plaster, or metal, is poured or injected into the mold. The casting material takes on the shape and intricacies of the original piece, resulting in multiple copies of the same design.

Demolding and Finishing: After the casting material has solidified, the replicas are carefully removed from the mold. Depending on the desired finish, artisans may apply additional handwork or finishing processes, which can include painting, polishing, or adding further artistic details. This step ensures that each replica retains the unique character and quality of the original.

This casting process maintains the intricate details and authenticity of the original object while allowing for the production of additional copies for a broader audience. Each cast replica is a work of art in its own right, created with the same level of care and attention to detail as the first handcrafted piece. 


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