The American Bison Wool Silk Ribbed Beanie

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Color: Charcoal

From the slopes at Aspen, to the streets of NYC, if you need a sleek, lightweight, soft and versatile beanie, this will keep you nice and warm.  Roll up for a sporty look and down for some serious over the ears warmth.

Made of 50% bison down and 50% silk.  Why the silk?  Well, silk is a natural thermal regulator that works 24/7 to maintain your bodies temperature.  It is breathable, absorbing and transferring heat and humidity excess, and it actually keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

So how does it benefit this cool hat?  Well, the bison insulates the warmth, and the silk keeps you dry which helps keep you warm.

  • 50% Bison Down / 50% Silk
  • 2 x 2 Knit
  • One Size Fits Most
  • Machine Wash, Lay Flat
  • Made in and ships from the USA

Incredible Insulation.  Even if a bison is covered with ice and snow, it’s still warm. So imagine how this fiber will keep your head and feet warm!

Moisture Wicking.  Both synthetics and wool have the ability to wick, but only bison down has the ability to wick away moisture in its vapor state.

Odor Control.   Since bison down can manage moisture, odor-causing bacteria does not have the moist environment they need to thrive.

Easy Care.  Machine wash, and then toss them in the dryer. No need to worry about special soap.  Bison down is a solid protein, and will not shrink. 

Why we love this product?

Sometimes you just need complete warmth and this hat does not disappoint.  Soft, cozy and covers your ears.  A go-to hat you can rely on for years.  Plus the bison wool is just cool!