LG's Mission to Support Global Suppliers

 Retail is in a constant state of change.  Change that is often a subtle evolution such as physical stores facing the growing emergence of e-commerce, and global trends that quickly take the retail landscape by storm.  This change is normal and welcomed as retail must remain fresh to survive.

Yet nothing has rocked the retail world as abruptly as 2020. Physical stores closing at a rapid pace, massive layoffs and furloughs in the retail industry, and companies that once used e-commerce as one of their many selling channels are now learning to embrace it one hundred percent.  

However, there is one participant in this new retail world whose struggles have been overlooked - the suppliers.  There are countless steps that a product must take before it is packaged and mailed.  Designs are created, machinery bought and maintained, materials procured, artisans hired and trained, bank loans obtained to front load a seasons production, etc.  The supplier is the first part of the retail chain, and if they can't complete these steps, product will not reach your doorstep.  

In the years prior to 2020, global suppliers of quality already faced an uphill battle.  As an increasing number of goods were imported to meet a price-point for mass market, the greater customer demand for timeless, quality products lessened.  Large factories ruled the day, and smaller suppliers were challenged in reaching larger markets.

At L'Atelier Global, we recognize global suppliers that have a passion for creating quality and timeless product.  We support their efforts and acknowledge that they are the strength of their industry no matter the country, and we are very honored to bring their beautiful creations to market. 





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