Balinese Silver Hinged Bracelet in Coral

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SKU: 101304


Handcrafted in Bali, Indonesia, this elegant 1/8" width bracelet is the perfect blend of traditional and contemporary. The cuff encircles the wrist with a sterling silver rope design that culminates into intricate motifs holding circular gemstones of faceted coral. A sterling silver decorative concealed hinge opens to fit the wrist.  When worn, the coral stones lay on top of the wrist, parted.

  • Coral, 925 Sterling Silver
  • 6.25" Length (end to end)
  • 0.4" Width
  • Handcrafted in Indonesia
  • Ships from the USA

Why do we love this bracelet?

A beautiful work of art, and the rope pattern gives this traditional piece a contemporary feel.  Balinese jewelry are treasured and timeless masterpieces, and will become your go-to jewelry.


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