Deco Dual Ring

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SKU: 101890


A statement ring with a refined, contemporary design for everyday wear.  The classic ying yang signet evokes positive energy and balance in contrasting pink and natural.  Dressed up or down, this versatile 18 karat gold plated ring looks fabulous on any finger.  Plated brass ensures light weight, long lasting wear and beautiful luster.  Sustainably made in Los Angeles.

  • 18k Gold Plating, Brass
  • 3.5mm yin yang signet
  • 13mm diameter
  • Handcrafted in the USA
  • Ships from the USA

Pictured with Chain Link Ring.

Why we love this ring?

Such a fun and high quality ring that looks fabulous on all fingers. The rich gold color is so attractive, and when held is lightweight and balanced. The craftsmanship is stunning and the design is modern that can be worn with anything. It evokes a true look of confidence, and will bring a smile to your day.

Material, Cleaning & Care

18 karat gold plating does not tarnish, chip or turn your skin green, and is meant to last decades. To clean, simply wash with a mild soap and warm water. It is best to avoid chemically-treated water like pools and spas.

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