Northern Isles Merino Wool Beanie and Gloves in Mist

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Color: Mist

This signaturehat and gloves set features an elegant Fairisle design in shades of gray, light blues and pink.  Crafted with soft luxe merino wool to keep your head toasty and in style.   A versatile set that can be dressed up or down.  Wear with your favorite pair of jeans for a casual, yet sophisticated look.

  • 100% Merino Lambswool
  • Hand-Wash or Dry Clean
  • One Size Fits Most
  • Made in Scotland
  • Ships from the USA

Why we love this product?

A women-owned company, they embrace their rich, Scottish heritage and provide the finest of Scottish quality with a modern, contemporary look.  The best materials, and the most comfortable knitwear.  This will become your go-to winter style.


Fabric Care

When you first wear a pure wool garment, it is perfectly normal for loose fibers near the surface to rub together during movement and form little balls of wool known as pilling or bobbling. Follow this simple guide to help you beat the bobbles and keep your garment looking fantastic for many years to come...

HANDWASH is best.  This is the gentlest way to wash your knitwear and the best way to avoid shrinkage and minimize pilling. Wash by hand in tepid water.

WASH YOUR KNITWEAR INSIDE OUT.  Any pilling caused by washing will be on the inside not the outside.

USE GENTLE, LIQUID DETERGENT.  Add a small amount of liquid hand-soap and soak the garment in lukewarm water for 5 minutes. Never use regular washing detergent as this can damage the fibers.

SQUEEZE, DON'T RUB OR WRING.  To wash the garment you must gently squeeze, without rubbing, the garment in the water. Lay your damp garment on a large bath towel. Gently roll the towel and the garment together much like a Swiss roll to remove the excess water.

AIR DRY FLAT.  Pull gently to size and allow to dry flat on a clean towel away from direct heat sources such as radiators. When dry, press to shape using a damp towel or lightly steam by holding a steam iron just above the surface of the garment.

REMOVE ANY PILLING.  When the garment is completely dry, gently remove the small pills either by hand or with a hand-held sweater comb or razor - NEVER use scissors. By doing this after each of the first 3-4 washes, you will find that the pilling subsides and will eventually disappear.



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