The American Bison Wool Everyday Silk Blend Crew Sock

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SKU: 100775

Color: Black

An all seasons sock that will keep your feet warm in the winter, and dry and cool in the summer.  With all of the superior moisture control properties, and exceptional air-flow that is almost double the wicking of fine wool. They simply keep your feet dry and sweat free.

Exceptionally durable for outdoor activities, golfing eighteen holes, office wear or just walking around town in your favorite shoes. They are incredibly easy to care for antimicrobial, super soft and virtually itch free. 

Why the silk?  Well, silk is a natural thermal regulator that works 24/7 to maintain your bodies temperature.  It is breathable, absorbing and transferring heat and humidity excess, and it actually keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

  • Made from  30% Bison, 30% silk, 30% nylon, 4% Tencel, 4% polyester,2 % spandex
  • Terry loop cushioned footbed
  • Vented side
  • Flat toe seam
  • Reinforced toe and heel, nylon over-plaited
  • 8" rise from heel
  • Machine wash warm, tumble dry low heat. 
  • Made in and ships from the USA

Why do we love this product? 

A super soft luxury fiber that has all seasons use, makes this sock a great investment.  Naturally antimicrobial, it keeps your feet and feeling clean.  Plus, the bison wool is just cool!


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